Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The rain in Maine

Saturday, June 13 -- It was 304 miles to Ellsworth, where I arrived Thursday evening for dinner at my sister Jane's. I think I'll try to keep future legs to something like half that or less. I stayed overnight there, since it started to rain and we'd celebrated my arrival with a big bottle of Chardonnay.

The rain continued on Friday, so I borrowed Jane's car and went to Bangor to have lunch with Mom. The drizzle finally let up around 5 p.m. Jane, Joey and I went out for Thai food and then Jane and I went out to the lake and unloaded all the camping and bike stuff I'd bought and had had shipped to her.

Saturday, the sun came out and it's gorgeous. I took the KLR to Jane's where she and Chuck had a yard sale. After lunch, I decided to ride out to Acadia, where this unseasonal sign is still posted at Northeast Harbor:

I've been taking off layers all day. I started wearing a t-shirt, polo shirt, fleece, thermal jacket liner, rain liner and motorcycle jacket. Now I'm down to the t-shirt and the mesh jacket.

There were lots of motorcycles out on the island. I found myself behind a couple of Harley dressers heading from Northeast Harbor to Bar Harbor and discovered one of them had an "Aloha" vanity tag. I stayed on their tail until we parked near the city pier and then introduced myself, apologized for stalking them and asked if I could take a picture.

"We're aways looking for signs of Hawaii in the universe for the newspaper," I said, They were happy to oblige. Turns out they are from Searsport, Me., and had vacationed a couple of times in Hawaii. The woman said when she decided to get a vanity tag for her bike she decided "Aloha" was perfect.

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