Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ellsworth to Augusta on the back roads

Today's ride from Ellsworth to Manchester -- about 140 miles -- was uneventful, yet blissful, even in the rain. Lush scenery. Curvy back roads, which I had almost to myself. A little drizzle. My cousin David says he heard the all-time record for precipitation in the month of June is about to fall.

I remembered ear plugs for once, which shut out the engine clatter and added to the serene nature of the trip. I only got lost once, in Swansville where an overgrown pine covered up the sign for Maine 131. I doubled back when I discovered I was still on Maine 141, but not before I took some pictures.

The list of towns and highway numbers goes on an index card in the window of the tank bag to keep me on course -- a poor man's GPS

The new bridge across the Penobscot near Bucksport is a smaller version of the one in Boston

Beautiful Belfast -- the one in Maine, not Ireland

A prayer to the Almighty -- send sunshine!

An entreprenuer near Swansville seeks donations ... and sells bait -- nightcrawlers for $1

This house near Waldo has curve appeal

A row boat takes root in a lush anchorage

A little waterfall drains a pond near Augusta

Gingerbread woodwork frames a porch near Somerville

The store in Windsor for the couple that have (almost) everything.


  1. Great photos. Love the Husseys store sign. I don't want to think about the connections among the items.