Sunday, June 7, 2009

One day to go

Anxious to get started on my trip, I still enjoyed a Saturday with Mary. We went to Honolulu's Contemporary Museum for lunch and to see the local artists' exhibit. After lunch at the cafe, we were invited to join a group with an artist whose work is about sharing a meal. Very unexpectedly, we discovered Mary's cousin Heidi was among those sharing the experience. We don't see Heidi often, but just had dinner with her and her sister, Michelle, a week ago. Heidi, an experienced camper, has been coaching me via Facebook on camping gear. I'm hoping it was good advice.

I weighed my big green bag and it came in at just over 50 pounds, so I decided to take out a knapsack full of gear. Since Mary travels on business a lot, I'm a "Premier Associate" and can check two bags on United with no fees and carry two "personal items." Were really fine-tuning this thing.

Mary lent me an AC adapter to charge my iPod. This wasn't a big priority, but I really appreciate the fact that she's helping me get this thing together. My going off alone on a motorcycle trip hasn't been real popular with her -- which I can understand. We've been married for 19 years and the next three or four weeks will be our longest separation since we sailed to Hawaii together in June 1989 -- an event that, for us, transcended Tienanmen Square. In fact, our anniversary is on June 22. Must not forget. Must not forget!

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