Friday, June 26, 2009

Drying out in Stonington

Thursday, the sun finally came out. Chris was working on a consulting project and I was working on a newsletter, both of us at Jane's where she has a good internet connection. But by 3:30 we were ready to play hooky and go for a ride.

We headed out of Ellsworth down to Blue Hill, where I asked some kids to take our picture (above). Chris said, "As long as we're here, we ought to keep on going down to Stonington." Made sense to me -- the sun was out, after all. So, we called Jane and said we'd be back by 6:30.

To get to Stonington, you first take the suspension bridge to Deer Isle (above in the distance), which is kind of an adventure. Imagine the Golden Gate Bridge in HO model railroad scale. The bridge is a narrow two lanes and goes up, up, up before coming down on the island. After that, there's a causeway to negotiate. Finally, you're in Stonington.

On a day when the rest of Maine was in sunshine, Stonington harbor was wrapped in fog. It's a town built on lobster and stone cutting.

Hence, there's a memorial to stone cutters right there on the fishing pier, which was shrouded in a cold fog. Being on the Gulf Stream, the water is often warmer than the air, which leads to scenes like these:

Dinghies wait to take fishermen to their boats at anchor

Stonington's economy is a symbiosis, relying on both the fishery and an active art colony

The KLR on one of the many commercial piers

John and Chris think about going back to where the sun was shining

Ready to turn around and head for the sun

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